Latest IESCO Bill Calculator Online – Bill Calculator – Best Guide in 2023

Pakistan is a developing country with limited resources. With the introduction of the internet and mobile phones, Pakistan has seen an improvement in its economy. This article will provide information on how to calculate your IESCO bills online using a simple IESCO bill calculator online. IESCO bill calculator works using the calculation formula according to the IESCO unit rates mentioned in the IESCO tariff guide.  

IESCO’s core function is to supply, distribute and sell electricity in areas from Attock to Jhelum and from Indus to Neelum river in Kashmir where lots of people as consumers find ways to estimate and perform bill calculation as quickly and easily as possible. This can be done through the IESCO bill calculator which is an online aid in calculating the bill and verifying the bills issued by IESCO. In other words, you can verify and generate your IESCO online consumer bill and verify the bills by calculating them to be correct or not for free.

IESCO Electricity Bill Calculation

There are many benefits of calculating electricity bills online using IESCO electricity bill calculation. One of the main advantages is that it is effortless. It doesn’t take much time to calculate your bills, and you can do it from anywhere even at your home and it is just some clicks away. Moreover, you don’t need to make any physical trips to the IESCO office or any bill submission and calculation center. When you calculate your bills online, it eliminates the possibility of getting lost in digits of cost calculations and reduces the frustration and inconvenience caused by long lines at a customer service window.

There are many instances where people need to know their monthly electricity usage for a certain period of time. For those who have been using kerosene lamps or power generators to light their homes or run their appliances, they might not always know how much money they are spending; however, with an IESCO Bill Calculator Online, it becomes much easier to estimate the cost. IESCO electricity bill calculation can be done through the online tool IESCO bill Calculator to estimate and predict customers’ monthly bills in accordance with the units consumed according to the IESCO unit price.

With a lot of ease, People can now check, pay, and even make a duplicate of their bills just by using the IESCO bill calculator. This is because this IESCO bill calculator can tell you how much you will be charged every month by taking into account your original tariff and your usage over a given month.

IESCO Bill Calculator

IESCO Tariff Guide

For residential Connections as well as Commercial Connections, the units and their costs for every connection type are provided with Tariff guides. There are various Connection types thus they have different unit rates accordingly. These rates in normal unit consumption i.e, in off-peak hours as well as peak hours are mentioned and are explicitly defined by Tariff Guide.

IESCO Bill Estimator – IESCO Bill Calculator

IESCO Bill estimator helps you to estimate your monthly electricity bills by using the latest tariff rates, consumption values, and the number of days in a billing cycle.

The IESCO Bill estimator Online is very easy to use, just enter your area code, a number of phases (residential), and the consumption values (in units) based on usage for 15 days (residential), 30 days (residential), or 60 days (residential). or simply write down your 14 digit reference number to generate previous bills. IESCO bill estimator will do the rest for you!

iesco bill calculation


  1. What Are IESCO Peak Hours?

    IESCO peak hours are considered to be the most certain hours in a whole day due to the demand and supply gap of the electricity power. When the usage of Electricity reaches its peak and prices for single unit rises than its usual cost. Most likely, 5 PM to 11 PM is considered to be peak hours.

  2. What is the Cost of 1 Unit?

    It’s clearly mentioned in the Tariff table that the price of one unit may vary according to the connection type and other factors also include the time of usage of electrical power. If the electricity is used in the time when there is a peak load ( i.e., there is s gap between supply and demand of electric power) cost of each unit consumed will be much higher than the usual cost of unit consumed when there would be an off-peak hour.

  3. How Can I Get the Previous IESCO Bill?

    These steps must be followed in order to generate a previous bill or duplicate a copy of your IESCO Bill online
    1. You have to open any browser you are using and visit the IESCO site that is
    2. You are provided with the bill number of 14 digits. Just enter that 14-digit reference number and enter it into the website without any spaces.
    3. Submit that number.
    4. You will be displayed an image of the bill you want to duplicate, download.
    5. Press the download button and get the required bill copy on your device from the IESCO bill calculator Online.

  4. How Can I Reduce My Electricity Bill?

    There are some ways to reduce your electricity Cost/Bill.
    1. Minimize your energy leaks as it has a great impact on the consumption of units reducing the electricity cost.
    2. Peak hours cost units more price than normal hours so try to use less electricity in peak hours.
    3. Try to use your appliances with an inverter especially upgrading your air conditioners to inverter air conditioners.
    4. Use LEDs instead of normal lights as they consume less electricity and help in reducing the bill of electricity.

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IESCO bill Calculator Online is a utility that helps the user in IESCO electricity bill calculation. The user needs to enter the amount of electricity consumed in kWh and also the rates charged by IESCO for different types of consumers and connection types.

IESCO Bill Calculator was designed with a goal to make it easier for people to calculate their bills and submit their IESCO bill payments with the minimum number of errors. This tool takes care of all the calculations involved in the process and presents the calculated bill amount with taxes deducted.

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