IESCO Bill Payment Online – Pay IESCO Bill Online in 2023 – Best Guide

IESCO stands for Islamabad Electric Supply Company. WAPDA ( Water And Power Development Authority) controls the assets, sources, and distribution of those sources all over Pakistan. Firstly, a division under WAPDA  named AEB ( Islamabad Area  Electricity Board) was responsible for looking after the assets, electrical resources, and division of all those resources in different areas.

Those areas ranged from Attock to Jhelum and from river Indus to river Neelam, situated in Kashmir. The distribution company IESCO was incorporated in the place of AEB in April 1998 to provide better services to the customers over an extensive range. Our article will help you learn how to do IESCO bill payments online.

IESCO Online Bills

IESCO online bill payment is also a part of IESCO customer care services. Although there are many methods to pay bills and the conventional way of paying bills is still functional. The world is progressing at a very fast rate. New interventions are improved in the field of technology day by day, and their primary purpose is to bring a bit of comfort in the monotonous routine of people’s life.

IESCO is one of the most efficiently working companies in Pakistan. It always makes sure that the power must be distributed equally over all the areas. As the population is increasing day by day, the customer range of IESSCO is also widening. IESCO makes sure to provide the ultimate best service to its customers. Considering this point, an online IESCO bill payment method 2021 is included in its customer care services.

The conventional method of bill payment is undoubtedly very tiring and time-consuming for the customers as well. Due to the pandemic, physical interaction between the staff and the customers is like knowingly putting people’s lives in danger. That is why IESCO bill payment online is considered an easy and efficient way to pay the bills.

IESCO Online Bills

How To Check IESCO Bill?

IESCO has its own official website on which a person can check his bill. That website is named IESCO Bill the electricity bill is always sent to the customer’s residential address in the form of a hard copy. There is no need for the customer to take that bill and go to the bank and wait in long queues to pay the bill. The online bill payment method has resolved this issue. Some steps are given as follows by following the technique; one can quickly check their Online IESCO Bill.

  • To check the bill, the hard copy of the original bill must be already received by them. One cannot contain their bill before their hardcopy is issued or sent at their residency.
  • Once the hard copy is received, it means that they can now check their bill and other related details.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is stable.
  • Open the chrome or browser and search the website of online billing of IESCO.
  • Click open the link. a small bar will appear on the screen.
  • Put the reference number in the bar. Make sure that the reference number is the exact same ne given in the original hard copy of the bill. IESCO bill online check by reference number is the key step in every online bill payment method.
  • Click the search button or the enter key.
  • The duplicate IESCO Bill Copy of the bill will appear on the screen.
IESCO Bill Payment

One can download the duplicate copy or save it on the device as well. It can be held in the form of PDF and printed out anywhere as this one can also check other details of the bill. The history of the previous bill is also given to ensure that the customer has paid all the bills and to keep a record of them. This method is very convenient because it does not require more than five minutes ( depends on the internet connection). This method is reliable because if the original bill is misplaced, the customer can print out the duplicate copy.

People usually keep the records of previously paid bills at their home by collecting all the electricity bills in one file and keeping it safe somewhere. Well, this online method has made this task even easier for them. They do not need to do this anymore. All the history of previous bills and their duplicates can be accessed by entering the reference numbers. One can also print the duplicates of those bills at any place at any time.

IESCO Online Bill Payment Methods

Online bill payment is not a  new term in 2021. Online payment is a mandatory service in the customer services of each company nowadays. IESCO online bill payment service is also provided by the banks. Most of the banks provide their services by receiving online payments. Several apps are functional for this purpose. Each bank has its own app, and the call companies have also introduced their apps for payment of online bills.

One can pay the bill with the apps like jazz cash and easy paisa. They can also pay their bills through the apps of their related banks. Some banks also offer this service on their official websites as well.

Bank’s App

If one is paying a bill through a bank’s app, the following steps should be followed.

  • First, download the respective app on your mobile or laptop.
  • Open the app. Make an account if they demand it.
  • Then look at the options. Many options are given, but for paying the bills, one must click the bill payment option.
  • Then click the option to add the bill.
  • The app will ask you about the account details and the bill details—Fil the required bars as asked.
  • Every app has its own software that works differently. So make sure to read each and every instruction carefully and follow them.

Credit Card

IESCO bill payment through credit card is also a method to pay the bill. It requires one to pay the bill via the bank’s website. Following steps should be followed in case of paying bills through the official website of the bank.

  • Open the website of the bank in which one has their bank account
  • Click on the option of online bill payment
  • Click on the option of add bill
  • Then add the details as asked by the website in order to pay the bill.
  • Take the screenshot of the notification that comes after the payment of the bill.

Jazz Cash App

If one pays the bill through jazz cash, then the following are the steps to follow.

  • Install the app on the device.
  • Make an account
  • Select the option of bill payment
  • Select the type of bill
  • Chose the company to which bill is paid
  • Enter the reference number where required
  • The transaction will take place. Wait till the notification of a successful transaction appears on the screen.

Make sure to do the biometric verification of the JazzCash account; otherwise, the transaction won’t take place and IESCO bill payment online will not take place.

Easy Paisa Retailer

One can also pay the bill through the retailer of JazzCash or easy paisa. The process is explained below.

  • Go to the shop that offers the service of paying online bills.
  • Show the retailer the hard copy of the bill and pay him the required amount.
  • Provide the mobile number to the retailer.
  • The retailer will receive a confirmation message and will stamp the bill.

Jazz Cash Code

One can also pay the bill through the jazz cash account by following the given procedure.

  • Dial *786* from the phone.
  • Select the option of bill payment.
  •  Select the bill type
  • Enter the name of the country
  • Enter the reference number.
  • Wait till the transaction is processed.
  • Enter the pin code to check the details of the transaction and t confirm that the bill is paid.
IESCO Bill Payment

How To Calculate IESCO Bill ?

Calculating the IESCO bill is not a difficult task. One just needs to apply a simple formula. All the types of billings are briefly explained in the tariff guide provided by IESCO. If one wants to calculate the bill by himself, he just has to apply a simple formula. First, add all the units consumed. This information is provided in the bill of the customer. Now check the price of each unit according to the tariff guide. Then multiply the cost of each unit by the total number of units consumed. Now add the extra charges including the taxes and other stuff. And that’s it. The bill is calculated.

There is also another method for calculating the IESCO bill. Open the browser and type electricity bill calculation tools. Many websites will appear. Select the website with the tool of the IESCO bill calculator. The company name inserted in the bill calculator IESCO will be IESCO. Select the bill type, whether it’s industrial, residential, agricultural, or commercial. Now select the option, whether it is a single-phase connection or a 3 phase connection. Now insert the total number of units consume and click the option calculate the bill. Within seconds the bill would be calculated.

By this method, one can also pre-calculate or assume their monthly bill. If half of the month is passed, then calculate the bill of the units used and multiply it by two.

IESCO Tariff Guide

IESCO tariff guide gives complete information about how many extra rupees are charged during payment. That amount may be the tax on the billing or the separate customer service charges by the bank. All the additional costs are mentioned on the bill and have different IESCO unit rates in the bill of the residential area, commercial area, agriculture area, etc.

Under the section of tariff –A, a fixed amount would be charged monthly from these customers who don’t even use a single unit of electricity during the whole month. The customer with single-phase connections are charged rs 75 per month, while the customers with 3 phase connections are charged rs 150 per month. The electrical consumption of 50 units for sanctioned load up to 5 kW would be accused of rs 3.95. for the consumption of teams from 1-100 would be charged as 7.72crupees and from 101-200 would be charged with 10.6 rupees.

The charges of 200-300 units would be 12.15. the units ranging from 301-700 will cost rupees 19.55. For the units above 700 will be charged with rupees 22.65. The IESCO Commercial unit rate is a bit higher. It has its own reasons behind it. The rate of electricity given to the residential area is lowered per unit as compared to the rate of units that Pakistan imports. This step is taken to support the people. However, in commercial areas, people actually earn their bread by the use of electricity, that is why this rule has been included in the tariff guide that the electricity provided to the commercial area is a bit costly. 


  1. How To Pay the IESCO Bill Online?

    There are various methods by which a person can pay their bills online. For this purpose, many services are available. Jazz cash and the easy paisa app provide the benefits of online bill payment. A jazz cash account can be used to pay the bill online. Every bank has its own website that offers the service of online payment. Some banks have their own app to make it easy for customers to pay their bills online.

  2. How To Pay IESCO Bills Through an HBL Credit Card?

    HBL provides internet banking customer services to their customers. In order to pay bills from an HBL credit card, one must access the official ranking website of HBL. Enter the password and ID on that website to access the account. Then by following the instructions given on the website, one can quickly pay the bills.

  3. How To Check the IESCO Bill is Paid Or Not?

    After completion of the whole process of payment of the bill, wait for some time. After some time, the transaction id will appear on the screen with a highlighted message that the bill has been paid. That is how one gets to know that the bill has been paid. Take the screenshot of that message for future purposes in case someone faces issues for not paying the bill that he has already paid.

  4. How To Pay Bills In Pakistan?

    Here are many methods to pay bills in Pakistan. The conventional way of paying bills is to take the bill and the due amount and go to the affiliated bank. Wait there for your turn and pay the bill. This method is functional but still very time-consuming.
    There are other methods to pay bills in Pakistan. Those are the online billing methods. One can pay the bills through Jazz Cash or the easy paisa app. Jazz cash account also provides bill payment services. Each bank has its official website, and the bill can be paid through them. Some banks have their own apps that help in the payment of bills.

  5. How To Check IESCO’s Previous Bill?

    To check the previous bill of IESCO, go to the official website f IESCO and select the option of online bill payment. The website will ask you to enter the reference number. The reference number is provided in the original bill. It is different for each customer. By entering the details of the reference number, one can easily access all of his previous bills.


The world is progressing day by day. Pakistan is one of the developing countries. In order to be on the same level with other countries, all the functional bodies are revolutionized. The online system is introduced in the country to give the customers a better service and produce a good outcome in less tike. Moreover, due to the spread of the pandemic, there was already a dire need for the introduction of online services.

Similarly, the IESCO bill payment has made the lives of people easier. They can pay their bills and keep a record of them without wasting much time. Considering all these points, online bill payment is indeed a beneficial and good initiative.

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