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IESCO bills can be viewed online at It is a free website that allows you to easily view your IESCO bill online and IESCO Duplicate Bill Print Online. You may check the amount of your most recent bill, the due date, and view the entire bill here. You can pay your IESCO bill by downloading a copy or printing it. To check your electricity bill, simply go to the IESCO website and press the “Print Bill” option. By selecting this option you will be directed to a new window. At this window, a consumer is required to enter a unique 14 digit reference number. If you have already saved the reference number well simply enter it and press the “Search” option if don’t worry. Let us guide you on finding the unique reference for every electrical connection you have.

  • First, take out the physical copy of the electricity bill that is delivered to your doorway by the IESCO mailman.
  • See at the top left corner of the bill and look for the box named “REFERENCE NO”. This box must contain a 14 digit code.
  • Note that code and save it for later. 

Next time you want to check the electricity bill. Open the IESCO website and on entering this number you will be viewing your electricity bill.

Duplicate Bill IESCO

Now, whether you’re looking for IESCO MIS or searching for to get your IESCO duplicate bill, simply enter your reference number in the IESCO BILL window to view the amount of your bill. IESCO is a user-friendly website that makes getting IESCO electricity bills a breeze.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company is primarily serving Islamabad and Rawalpindi, but also serves six more districts ranging from Jhelum to Attock. IESCO serves a population of about 25 million people. Islamabad Electricity Supply Company serves around 2.8 million customers per day. On delivering physical copies of bills to such a huge number of consumers monthly it is inevitable to avoid mistakes.

It is quite likely that your bill is delivered to the wrong address by the mailman or it is misplaced by you. In both cases, consumers have to pay extra charges for late payments in the next month’s electricity bill. To avoid late payment charges you will have to look for options. In the busy life schedule, one cannot even think to go to the IESCO office and get the other hard copy of the bill.

Here comes the point where information technology is serving you the best. To get Duplicate Bill IESCO you don’t need to put so much effort. By using the smart internet-capable device you can view and download the duplicate copy of the bill.

Guide For IESCO Duplicate Bill

  • Visit the website
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number in the box under IESCO BILL.
  • You will now see the most recent bill amount as well as the due date.
  • To download the bill, click the download option.
  • To print the duplicate copy, press ctrl + p on a printable device. is a responsive website that allows you to see your bill amount on any platform mobile or desktop. To check your IESCO online bill, all you need is the 14-digit reference number that may be found on any old bill copy, or see the aforementioned guide to get the reference number.

IESCO Duplicate Bill

Checking IESCO Bill

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company was founded in 1988 and since then the company is serving a large population. The company has made itself work with the new advancement of the time and in the era of the internet now it is possible that you can visit the site and do an Online IESCO Bill check with your smartphone or PC.

IESCO Bill Checking Methods

Life is full of surprises and sometimes those surprises are not as good as we expect them to be. It is the most common practice for every electricity consumer in Pakistan to pay monthly charges to get the electricity services by WAPDA. If life is ready to surprise you with the misfortune of electricity bills not being delivered to your home address. Don’t worry, IESCO got your cover here. With the online portal of IESCO a consumer can get the IESCO bill copy anytime and from anywhere.

Reference Number 

There are two ways to get an online copy of the bill. The first and the most famous one is with the help of reference numbers. Every electricity bill in Pakistan contains a unique 14 digit reference number. Take out any of your old bills, note down the reference number and paste it in the “IESCO Bill” section. Within a couple of seconds, your bill will be on your screen and then you can opt to get an IESCO bill print copy or download it to print it for later.

Consumer ID

The other option to check monthly electricity chargers is by entering the “Consumer ID”. Just like a reference number, every hard copy of utility bills over the country has a unique consumer ID. A consumer can find the consumer ID on the hard copy of the bill by looking at the top left corner. Here you will be able to find three named boxes. The first box represents “CONNECTION DATE”, it’s the exact date when a consumer first acquired the electricity connection. Just below the connection date box, you would be able to see “CONSUMER ID”. And under the consumer ID, there is “REFERENCE NO”.

A consumer number is a one-of-a-kind customer identification number that appears on each customer’s electricity bill. Different states and boards have different sorts of customer identification numbers. Upon entering the consumer ID you can view and download the bill and afterward connect your smart device having the soft copy of the bill to a printer-capable device. On executing the CRTL + P command you can take the IESCO bill print.

Whenever you need to know the monthly charges of your electricity expenses always remember that you can go to the internet and do the IESCO Bill Online Check By Reference Number. Remember to save the 14 digit reference number on your mobile device memory and if possible bookmark the IESCO website on your phone’s browser. Then every month one has to open the IESCO site, copy and paste the reference number on the website and hit “Search”. Here is the electricity bill for the corresponding month.

IESCO Duplicate Bill Print Online

Download Duplicate Online IESCO Bills

Checking and downloading IESCO bills online is a matter of a few clicks. With the online services of IESCO now it is possible to view an electricity bill from wherever at any time. Not only you can view a bill but any consumer can print a duplicate copy of it whenever they want. Let us guide you about printing duplicate IESCO bills.

  • Visit the Islamabad Electricity Supply Company official website at
  • Click the “Print Bill” option
  • Enter the reference number under the “IESCO BILL” window
  • Click “Search”
  • The bill will be automatically generated. Press the control plus P from the keyword

It will print the duplicate copy for the IESO bill.

Please follow the above-mentioned guidelines to get IESCO Duplicate Bill Islamabad, if you are an IESCO consumer and living in the areas of Islamabad. You may not only read your duplicate bill but also reprint it and obtain a duplicate copy as an image or PDF file using our online duplicate bill service. By inputting the meter reference number one at a time, you can view one or several bills.

Use the IESCO duplicate bill download option and download the bills for as many meters as you want. IESCO bill online print option is always there to give the consumer a hard copy of the bill immediately after viewing the bill. IESCO is providing one of the greatest websites in 2021 for checking your electric utility bill fast and conveniently.

How To Pay IESCO Bill Online ?

Till now you have been guided everything about viewing, downloading, and printing the online bills. Now the very next step is IESCO Bill Online Payment. You can pay your IESCO bill in Pakistan in two different ways: offline and online. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to pay your IESCO Electricity Bill.

Payment Of Bills By Offline Means

  • You may pay your IESCO bill physically by going to the nearest bank in your region.
  • You can also opt to pay your electric bill at a Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, or UPaisa Shop in your neighborhood.

Payment of Electricity Bills Online

  • Every bank has made it possible to pay your electricity bill online by visiting their official website.
  • You can pay your bill online by using an Online Bank Application with which you have an account OR by using Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, or U Paisa.
  • Google Play Store or App Store is where you can get the app.
  • Create an account by providing the requested information and conveniently do your IESCO Bill Payment.

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company has made it most convenient to pay bills from the ease of your home. If you ever find it difficult to go to the nearest bank or bill payment shops please remember that IESCO online bill payment is now a thing. All you need to have is your bank application installed on your smart device.

IESCO Duplicate Bill
Go to website

IESCO Tariff Guide

A tariff is a tax fee that is applicable to consumers by the Water and Power Development Authority. There are two different types of connections that are offered by WAPDA to its consumers. A-1 general supply tariff that is dedicated for the residential supplies. And the other one is the A-2 general supply tariff for commercial uses.

Please head towards the below table for IESCO Unit Rate

For residential meters.

Sr NoUnits Price per Unit
11- 100 Units7.74
2101- 200 Units10.06
3201- 300 Units12.15
4301- 700 Units19.55
5Above 700 Units22.65

The IESCO Commercial Unit Rate is different for different services. Please see the IESCO tariff guide to exactly know the charges you are being charged. With changing the year tax amount and services being provided keep on changing. We will suggest you please keep yourself updated with IESCO Unit Rate given on the IESCO official website.

IESCO Contact Number

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company understands that all those facilities are of no use until the consumers are provided with a good customer care service. While viewing, downloading, and printing your online bill if you face a problem you can call the customer care service of IESCO. All the contact details are mentioned on the official website under the “Customer Center” tab on the home page of the site.

For your convenience let us state the IESCO Contact Number here.

Tel: 051-9252937
Fax: 051-9252927

Let us guide you that just to make things easy for your IESCO has different complaint numbers for different areas. You can find area-wise IESCO Complaint Number by vising the site and clicking the customer center button. Here you will be able to see the list of areas covered by IESCO and there are mobile numbers, office numbers, and fax numbers given against the name of the area.

IESCO Head Office

Other than contacting through the cell phone number you can file a complaint at the IESCO Head Office’s billing complaint resolution desk, which is located at Street # 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad. You can report your electricity-related complaints at that address during working hours. You can also send your complaint to the IESCO CEO directly by writing an email to


  1. How To Check IESCO Bill Online?

    IESCO online can be viewed by entering 14 digit reference number on the website

  2. How To Calculate IESCO Bill?

    IESCO bills can be calculated by using the “Bill Calculator” available on IESCO official website.

  3. How To Check IESCO Previous Bill?

    You can acquire a duplicate copy of your last month’s bill by entering the reference number on the website if you didn’t receive it on time.

  4. Where is IESCO Head Office?

    IESCO head office is located in Islamabad at the exact address of Street # 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad.

  5. How To Pay Bills In Pakistan?

    A consumer can pay bills in Pakistan by two means. Offline and online. In offline means, one has to visit the nearest bank, and to pay a bill online the same bank application can be used to do the online bill payment.

  6. What is IESCO’s New Connection Fee?

    IESCO’s new connection standard fee is Rs 4000 for single-phase meters and for three-phase meters a consumer has to pay Rs 15000. Please see the details on


Just like many other fields of the world bill payments have also introduced life-changing advancements to save the time and efforts of their consumers. In old times it was not easy to acquire services like electrical energy without spending a lot of time and effort.

IESCO is doing everything it can to make life easy for its customers. The 22-year-old electricity distribution firm has now digitalized its system and it is offering customers IESCO Bill Online services. It is now a matter of seconds to pay a power bill using this online way for viewing the bill. The use of internet services has reduced the time and effort required to pay bills. Gone are the days when a customer had to line for hours in a bank to pay the monthly power supply connection fee.

It has been standard practice in Pakistani power supply companies since their inception to have hard copies of your electricity bills sent to your door. This is all well until one of the parties loses or misplaces the bill. If the consumer does not receive a copy of the bill, he or she must wait until the following month’s bill and pay late fees. Bill payment becomes a hard thing in those situations. Just to overcome such situations IESCO has introduced the online bill method.

A consumer who has lost the hard copy of the bill or one who was not able to get the hard copy delivered can now easily get the IESCO Duplicate Bill. To do that the payer only needs the reference number which is always stated on the electricity bills. It is the 14 digit number that one can carry in their mobile phone or diary. On entering the number the Duplicate IESCO Bill will be on your screens.

Always remember that you can receive a duplicate IESCO bill online without wasting much time, no matter how busy you are. To obtain an IESCO duplicate bill online at any time, simply obtain the reference number from any of your previous invoices and follow the instructions outlined above.

IESCO is proud to offer a good customer care service to its consumers. There is always a detailed guide on the website to get everyone’s matter solved but if you still face problems related to checking, printing, or downloading the bill please feel free to call customer care.

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