IESCO New Connection – IESCO Tracking 2023 – Best Guide

Islamabad Electric Supply Company is the division of Pakistan’s water and power development authority. It provides power supply services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including neighboring areas such as Attock and Jhelum, and Kashmir. According to the official IESCO website, the power supply company gives electricity services to more than 3.2 million people in the six districts. Residents of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and its surroundings can look for an IESCO new connection form whenever they require it. In addition, the company provides online services to its consumer, and the process is fully transparent and easy to understand. 

People living in the areas covered by IESCO services can apply for a new power supply connection through offline and online means. If you have moved to such areas and are looking for an online iesco new connection, please note that you can get the IESCO new connection by filling out an IESCO online application. To apply for a new connection, applicants just have to fill out the IESCO application form and submit it on the website to get the further process done. 

Just a decade ago, it was such a hassle to get the iesco new connection in Pakistan. One has to wait hours in queues for the regional offices to get the application form. And then filling that form and collecting the supporting document to the actual installation of the meter might take several months. Until all the formal process is complete, the new consumer has to keep on visiting the office. That all yields in waste of not only the money but the precious time of the person.

A revolutionary advancement in information technology has allowed power supply companies to provide online services to consumers. The online application saves valuable time for the consumers, but it is also beneficial for the power supply company while working on an iesco new connection. The Online new connection applications are system generated, and the computer system makes it transparent. Above that, there is less chance of mistakes from both parties while installing a new connection. 

If you are looking for the IESCO new connection, you have to visit the IESCO official website and find the IESCO application form for a new connection. After getting the necessary information, the application will be forwarded to the new connection department.

IESCO New Connection Form

For the consumers looking to get an iesco new connection from the government, IESCO is now entertaining such consumers through online means. To apply electronically, one has to fill out IESCO’s new meter application form online and provide the necessary supporting documents. Once the organization receives an online application, the supporting documents are validated, and the process starts.

The IESCO new connection applicants are kept informed about their application status. So after applying for the new connection, a consumer can use the web portal of IESCO to track the application. There are two ways to track the application. One is with the computerized national identity card number. The other one is with the tracking identity number assigned to every consumer filling the IESCO online application for a new connection. 

Guide For Online New Meter Application

  • Open the browser on your smart device and type in the search bar, and hit enter. 
  • You should see the home page of IESCO’s official website. 
  • On the home page, look for the “Online New Connection” option. 
  • Upon clicking this button, the visitor will be redirected to the iesco New Connection System website.
  • On this page, select the “Apply the New Connection” option from the left menu. 
  • A form will open. Fill in the details.
  • Select the meter installation company as “IESCO.”
  • You need to attach a scanned copy of the following documents.
  • The proof of proprietorship
  • Attested copy of CNIC of the person applying for the connection
  • Attested CNIC copies two witnesses
  • Copy of the electricity bill of a neighbor
  • Carefully read the given terms and conditions
  • Click the “I agree” check box
  • Reread the form for confirmation
  • Click the “Submit” button  
IESCO New Connection

After submitting the online application, wait to get a response from the company. Don’t forget that according to the water and power development authority, a connection will be given priority depending on the date one has applied on. 

Guide For New Connection

Please remember that any time you can visit the IESCO website and select the option “Online New Connection”. It will redirect you to the ENC website and here you can find the IESCO new connection form and fill it out accordingly. If you want to download the form and you are looking for an option of IESCO application form download, please note that in order to apply online for a new connection you have to fill out the information online and submit the form on the website with the scanned copies of the required document.

After submitting the online form you can print the application using the option of “Print Application” on the left menu of the ENC website. Printing this online application will require you the type of connection applied. It could be for a new connection or for other applications such as a change of name/tariff/load. After selecting the “New connection” option go for IESCO from the drop-down menu and then enter the tracking-id or CNIC and hit the submit button. The application will open you can view it download or print it.

IESCO New Connection Fee

Let us now guide you for the IESCO new connection fee that you would be charged when looking for a new connection. There are two types of meters that you can look for when getting a new IESCO connection. The first type is the Single Phase Meter also known as A1 and the second type is the Three Phase meter known as A3.

The difference between the both is that a three-phase power supply can handle higher loads. When typical loads are lighting or heating, rather than massive electric motors, single-phase power supplies are most typically employed.

For Single Phase Meter

  • You would be charged Rs. 4000 if the service line length is 40 meters.
  • You would be charged Rs. 4000+200 per meter over 40 meters if Service line lengths of more than 40 meters and up to and including 100 meters (with one span LT with Ant Conductor and one Pole).
  • The charges would be Rs. 16000 + 250 per meter over  100 meters if Service line lengths above 100 meters and up to and including 160 meters (with two-span LT with Ant Conductor and two Poles).

For Three Phase Meter

  • You would be charged Rs. 15000 if the service line length is 40 meters.
  • You would be charged Rs. 15000+260 per meter over 40 meters if Service line lengths of more than 40 meters and up to and including 100 meters (with one span LT with Ant Conductor and one Pole).
  • The charges would be Rs. 30600 + 300 per meter over  100 meters if Service line lengths above 100 meters and up to and including 160 meters (with two-span LT with Ant Conductor and two Poles).
  • The charges will reach RS 48600 + 340 per meter over 160 meters if Service line lengths are above 160 meters and up to and including 280 meters.

Please keep yourself posted with the IESCO website in order to get a newly updated fee.

Guide For Offline New Meter Application

Other than applying online, one can choose to apply offline by visiting the nearest sub-division office of IESCO. For this purpose, consider the option of IESCO online form download. You can download the form by searching online for the IESCO form download. 

Going through all the processes and applying for a new electricity connection is hassle-free, and a consumer can do it all from their home using the internet-capable device. It might take several weeks to process the application and then actual meter installation, but it is recommended to keep track of your IESCO online meter application often.

IESCO Tariff Guide – IESCO Demand Notice Tracking

Tariff is the tax amount that every consumer has to pay to use the services by the power supply company. The official site has a complete tariff guide about the IESCO commercial unit rate and domestic unit rate. Although the values keep on updating as per the government’s new policies, it is recommended to keep an eye on the changing rates. 

When getting a new IESCO connection, always keep in mind that there is a different IESCO unit rate for commercial and residential use.  Head towards the official IESCO site and select “Tariff Guide” from the main menu to read the complete tariff guide. 

IESCO Contact Number

If you have any issues while applying for the IESCO new connection, no need to worry; contact the IESCO person and get guidance. There is a complete contact information directory about divisions and subdivisions offices of IESCO on the website.

Here is the emergency IESCO Contact Number:

  • 051-9252937
  • 051-9252938
  • 051-9252939

You can save the contact numbers to get assistance and information, or in case of emergency, one call the numbers provided.

IESCO Helpline Number

The online services provided by IESCO are not limited to the online application for a new connection, but also include the online complaint service.

On the home screen of the web portal, there is the tab “Customer Center.” On clicking the tab, you would get the contact details of every division and sub-division office.

IESCO Complaints Email Address

To send an online complaint, please write down the problem and send it to the queries and complaints email addresses mentioned below:

After filing the complaint be patent, the expected time to get the response is within four weeks. For the emergency cases, please consider calling the above-mentioned IESCO 24 hours helpline. 

IESCO Head Office

Islamabad Electric Supply Company serves six districts, and it has regional offices in each of the cities covered under the area, but the IESCO head office is in Islamabad. 

For your convenience, let us state the IESCO office Islamabad address here,

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company, Sector G-7/4, Street # 40, Islamabad

And here is the address for the IESCO office Rawalpindi,

Westridge Hali Road Westridge-I Rawalpindi


Islamabad Electric Supply Company is serving more than 25 million people in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and its surrounding districts for more than 20 years. Since the start of the company, IESCO has aimed to provide brilliance to its consumers.  Just a few years back, when a new consumer gets into the service areas of IESCO, they have to put a lot more effort into getting the power supplies to their newly moved location. And it would take more effort, money and time to get the new working electricity connection. 

Now the time has changed, and a person can get almost everything done from the ease of their palm. The same is the case for getting a new electricity connection. When a consumer wants to get the IESCO new connection they can easily get the IESCO application form by vising the IESCO regional office and performing the mandatory steps to get the connection. On the other hand, IESCO also provides the IESCO online application facility so the new consumer doesn’t have to go to the power supply company office to get the connection.

An applicant can get the online form with the help of their internet-capable device and apply for a new connection using that device. Furthermore, those devices can also help the consumers with the IESCO application form download. By printing that form, one can apply for the connection after filling and submitting that form to the power supply company office. All the required forms are available on the IESCO official website.

Whenever a consumer moves to a new location where there is no electricity connection already or a consumer wants to have more than one electric connection, they have to visit the power supply company website working in that area. For example, in the case of IESCO, consumers have to visit the website at, and they can quickly get the IESCO new meter application form. Upon filling and submitting that form, they will be able to get the electricity connection. 

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