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The world of the internet has bought ease to every aspect of life but in an undeveloped country like Pakistan, it is still believed that nothing like paying online bills is a thing. Let us inform you that Islamabad Electric Supply Company is pleased to offer an online billing facility. With the IESCO online bills checking service you can have an IESCO bill online check facility on your smart internet-capable device and can pay your bills with the help of a few clicks.

Getting hard copies of bills at your doorstep is a normal day thing and seems an easier task until the bills are delivered to the wrong address or hard copies are misplaced. This is where online services make life easier. The network of IESCO is providing IESCO bill online check services to large areas ranging from river Indus to river Neelam, covering Islamabad, Rawalpindi including district Jhelum to Attock.

According to stats, Islamabad Electricity Supply Company is serving pollution of around 25 million people and approximately 2.8 million consumers’ need is being fulfilled on a daily basis. If you belong to these areas and having troubling in getting the bills please contact the IESCO person. We are serving our consumers by providing the best customer service.

Nonetheless, if you have lost your electricity bill and find no way to know the monthly charges don’t worry IESCO bill online view got you covered. All you need to do is get a reference number. To get the reference number you can look into the hard copy of the bill generated for any past month. At the top left corner of the bill, you can find a 14 digit code mentioned in the box as “REFERENCE NO.”  Upon entering that number in the box provided under the IESCO bill tab and hitting the “Search” button you will be viewing your current electricity bill.

Using the Electricity bill online check facility by IESCO it is a matter of seconds to view and check your electricity bill. Instead of keeping an eye on a specific date to get the hard copy of the electricity bill, it is easy to note down the 14 digit reference number of the specific meter and enter it into the website to view the bill. The facility is not limited to checking and viewing the online copy of the bill instead you can pay those bills every month from your mobile device using the modern means of bill payment such as Jazz cash, Easypaisa to name a few.

How To Check IESCO Bill Online

Are you wondering how to get access to all the services provided by IESCO and what are the steps you have to do to IESCO bill the online view portal? Let us list you with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: First of all you need the reference number. To get it simply take out any of your previous bill hard copies and look into the top left box.

Step 2: The reference number you got from step 1 enter that code into the box provided for reference number entry.

Step 3: Now click the “Search” button. Here is your bill for the corresponding month.

After viewing the online IESCO bill you can opt to download it or print it to pay later.

Please remember that before performing these steps you would need a working internet connection on your PC or smartphone and a printer device in case you want to print the bill.

There are three different methods that you can use to view the electricity bills from the IESCO website.

Reference Number

The very first and most popular method is through “Reference Number”. Every meter has a unique reference number. It is the same 14 digit code that has been discussed earlier. You should note down this number and save it in your smart device memory. The reference number may get changed and if you have saved an old reference number don’t worry IESCO is providing the option to view the bill with an old reference number and find the new reference on the corresponding bill.

Customer ID

The second method is through the “Customer ID”. You can look for a specific “Customer ID” on the box next to the reference number. Visit the IESCO site and select the “Customer ID”. Enter the customer ID and hit the download button after downloading the file you can print the file by giving the CTRL + P command.

SMS Service

The third method is through SMS service. This service is not available online, however, you can check your IESCO status for free. Simply follow the steps below:

  • is a Pakistani government website.
  • Select ” SMS SERVICE REGISTRATION ” from the drop-down menu.
  • Please provide your client id here.
  • Please provide your mobile phone number.
  • Enter your email address and click SUBMIT.

You can use any of these methods to view your online bills.

iesco bill online

IESCO’s online bill check facility has made life easier for consumers. In 1988 when IESCO was formed it was not possible to provide such facilities to the consumers and a large number of consumers has to pay the extra charges just because the mailman was not able to deliver the bill on time or due to a huge number of consumers using the service it was not feasible to avoid little bill placement mistakes.

With the growing information technology advancement now it is possible to provide more than one means to check the bill and even pay it online without getting into the mess of long bank queues. Islamabad Electricity Supply Company wants to ensure that all of its customers have access to reliable electricity in order to enable the social, educational, and industrial sectors to thrive.

It is dedicated to expanding its horizons and incorporating renewable energy sources. The corporation is always working hard to make things easy for their consumers and we are proud to offer you the facility of IESCO bill online check by reference number. The option is capable to generate your bills after a couple of steps.

IESCO Duplicate Bill Online

We spend most of our time at work and have no time for ourselves. We can’t manage a second to deal with other problems in the midst of that packed work routine. What would happen if you didn’t receive your power bill? How would you contact the service provider in order to obtain a duplicate? Doesn’t it seem impossible? That is, until now.

Our online service enables you to acquire the replica at any time and from any location. To visit our website, all that is required is the reference number, an internet connection, and a smart device. Upon entering the reference number you will be able to get the IESCO bill copy on your device.

Electricity bills from IESCO are sent to your doorstep each month. Previously, you were needed to move to the required location of the Head Office or Customer Service Center and queue for hours in order to obtain a hardcopy of your Electricity bills in the event that you misplaced it, could not locate it for whatever reason or wanted to check the status of your bill.

In case you have lost the original bill delivered to your doorstep you can access to Duplicate bill IESCO copy from the website. The steps are the same just enter the reference number and get the IESCO duplicate bill. Recent technological improvements have alleviated this problem by allowing IESCO Bills, both new and old, to be checked online at any time and from any location, saving one from the awful waiting procedure that individuals had to go through earlier.

In addition to bill information, consumers can now check their bill amounts, registration records, and bill status. Our website now makes it easier to examine and obtain IESCO duplicate bill copies. It’s a lightning-quick site that’ll generate your duplicate statements right away. That is why it is the ideal resource for checking duplicate online bills.

According to statistics, more consumers are satisfied with the IESCO bill online service because they may check their account at any time and print a duplicate online bill that can be sent to any bill submitting agent not only they can check their bill but they can IESCO duplicate bill download on their device.

iesco online bill

How To Check IESCO Previous Bills ?

IESCO website is a fast and easy way to check your bills and using the site you can check the corresponding month’s bill and it also gives the facility to check the previous month’s bill. In order to keep a record of the bill, you can download and take the IESCO bill print. To see the record you can use IESCO’s old bill view option and download the record you need.

To view your old IESCO bill please follow the below-given guide.

  • Go to the IESCO website.
  • Click on “Print Bill”.
  • Enter the reference number of any of your previous bills.
  • Now search the bill.
  • The search option will show you the bill for the corresponding month.
  • In this bill, you can look for the old bills from the table named “bill history”.

Using this method you can view all your old IESCO bills and check the record whenever needed. IESCO’s previous bills have all of your data saved and you can view them on your smart device at any time. Now you have all the information related to IESCO’s old bill view option and it should be your obvious choice whenever you face any problem regarding bill viewing and bill payments.

IESCO Online New Connection

In this section, we will guide you on how you can apply for IESCO online meter application.  Getting an online meter application is as easy as downloading and printing the bill using a customer ID or the bill reference number.

First of all, you need to visit the Electricity New Connection (ENC) website and look for the option of “Apply New Connection” in the left menu. Clicking the option will open an application form that you have to fill out. This is IESCO’s new connection form. Before filling out the application form please read the instructions that are necessary to follow for applying for a new connection. To begin, you must complete the Online Application Form that you have opened on the ENC site.

Required Documents

The following documents must be scanned and uploaded

  • Ownership Proof
  • Undertaking by the Applicant, in which the person must affirm that the indicated location has no previously available electrical connection and that there are no arrears at the location, and that if any arrears are discovered later, he/she must pay them.
  • If there are many owners, the applicant must obtain power of attorney from the other owners.
  • If the individual asking for a new connection is a tenant, the property owner must sign a no-objection certificate. If the person is the property owner, a no-objection certificate is not necessary.
  • Attested copy of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Attested CNIC copies of two witnesses. If the lawsuit involves a single-phase meter, no witnesses are required.
  • Tariff Concerns Witnesses’ and the consumer’s signatures are on the copy. Witness signatures are not required if the connection type is Residential or Commercial.
  • Attach all of the above documents to the Application Form.
  • Send it to the appropriate department.
  • You will receive a Demand Notice once your documents have been confirmed.
  • The Demand Notice must be paid to the selected Bank.
  • Then you must duplicate the paid Demand Notice.
  • Send a copy to the appropriate office.
  • A new connection will be set up after your Demand Payment Notice has been authenticated.

After completing all the above-mentioned steps take a deep breath you have applied for the IESCO new connection.

IESCO Bill Calculator

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company is committed to providing you with the excellence you need. The services we provide are not limited to viewing or downloading the bill but you can also perform IESCO electricity bill calculation on the website to make your budget beforehand and give yourself a treat for not delaying all the calculations till the end of every month.  

We’ve designed a simple IESCO bill calculator for you if you wish to compute an estimated IESCO bill amount online based on units consumed for your residential or commercial connection. We used IESCO’s most recent tariff for the year 2021 to calculate an anticipated electricity bill for you.

To calculate the bill visit the IESCO website and look for the option of Bill Calculator IESCO. You can find this option under the box of “USEFUL LINKS” present at the bottom of the home page for the IESCO website. You can also look for this option in the slider moving under the message “COMMITED TO EXCELLENCE”. After clicking the option of Bill Calculator you would be directed to a new window where you have to select the IESCO from the dropdown menu and then click the submit button.

From this new window please fill in all the necessary data and see your estimated bill. Every time you want to get an estimation of the bill for the coming month just visit the IESCO site and follow the guide we have provided above.  After performing just a few steps and filling in the required data you will be able to get access to IESCO online consumer bill.

IESCO Complaint Number

You can contact the service provider through the IESCO 24-hour helpline if you find any errors in the computation. Moreover, you can get assistance with anything from billing errors to meter problems to connection problems to electrical voltage changes. And can also use the contact details to report electricity theft. Below are the contact details

  • IESCO Helpline: 051-9252937, 9252938, 9252939
  • Toll-free number: 080025250
  • IESCO E-mail:

Head office address: Islamabad Electricity Supply Company, Sector G-7/4, Street # 40, Islamabad

Above mentioned numbers are IESCO complaint number Islamabad where you can call anytime to get your complaint registered and get the other information you want.

For IESCO online complaint please note that till now there is no portal to submit the online complaint. You can visit the website and click the “Customer Center” option to get the numbers according to the area and tell you the problem on call to get it solved as soon as possible.

Here is the official time schedule for IESCO.

  • 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
  • 2 hours duty break for Jumma prayer
  • Sunday is the off-day

If your problem requires data such as screenshots for an online problem please send those screenshots to the email address provided. Your problem will be solved on a priority basis.

IESCO Tariff Guide

The tariff of the Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) is the tax or fee that must be paid on the electricity that IESCO provides to you. Fixed Charges Rs/KW/M, Applicable Variable Charges W.E F. 01-01-2019 Rs/kWh (Peak hours and Off-Peak hours) and the Applicable Uniform Quarterly 1st and 2nd Adjustment W.E F. 01-07-2019 Rs/kWh for Different Tariff Category for A-1 General Supply Tariff that is the Electrical Supply to Residential Areas. A Tariff Guide for Commercial, Industrial, and Public Lighting is also available.

The Tariff Guides will provide you with the most up-to-date IESCO unit rates. You can visit the IESCO website to check them all. Because the Tariff Guide specifically states the IESCO units rates and price per unit for each connection type separately, various Connection Types have varying unit rates. The Residential Connection Units and Cost per Unit are listed in the table below. The Applicable Variable Charges W.E F 01-01-2019 are shown in this table. The IESCO Tariff Guide can also be used to calculate unit prices for commercial and industrial connection types.

Sr No.UnitsPrice per Unit
150 and below2.00 Rs
251 – 1005.79 Rs
3101 – 2008.11 Rs
4201 – 30010.20 Rs
5301 – 70017.60 Rs
6700 and above20.70 Rs

IESCO Peak And Off-Peak Hours

The price per unit is the main difference between Peak and Off-Peak hours. Peak-hour units are more expensive due to the demand and consumption curve. As a result, try to limit your electricity usage during off-peak hours.

IESCO peak hours timing are normally 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., but these times vary depending on the season.

  • December to February, 5 to 9 p.m.
  • March through May, the hours are 6 to 10 p.m.
  • June through August, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • September through November, 6 to 10 p.m.

The remaining 20 hours are off-peak hours.

The instructions for the Tariff Revised can also be found on the official website of IESCO bills. This website will show you the tariff and unit rates for the IESCO Peak and Off-Peak hours.

IESCO Load Shedding Schedule

Due to limited power resources available in Pakistan, it is almost impossible to provide an uninterrupted power supply by the service provided. Apart from that power shortage the power supply system also requires maintenance. If the power supply infrastructure is not maintained properly it can cause more harm than actually the loading shading.

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company is always there to provide beforehand IESCO load shedding schedule. You can check the schedule any time by visiting the website for IESCO. There is a maintenance schedule area-wise with the time slots mentioned in a recent press release by the company. Furthermore, you may keep yourself posted with the electricity schedule by following the official account of IESCO on the social media site Twitter.

IESCO Head Office

IESCO head office Islamabad is on the exact address at “Islamabad Electricity Supply Company, Sector G-7/4, Street # 40, Islamabad”.

If you want to know anything about the services being provided by the IESCO you can call on helplines in the office timing for the company. Furthermore by vising the website upon clicking on the “Contact Us” tab. You will be shown the head office address and under the address, there is a drop-down menu from where you can select your required directorate. After selecting the specific directorate you will be provided with all the necessary helplines for contact and other queries.

Islamabad head office is easy to access for the residents of Islamabad but it can be a real headache if the residents of Rawalpindi are trying to access the IESCO office. You can get the helpline and other necessary information about IESCO office Rawalpindi by selecting the option of “OPERATION DIVISION, CANTT: RAWALPINDI”. This tab will show you the address along with the official numbers, fax, official complaint number according to the areas where IESCO is providing its services. You can opt to call the helplines to get your queries solved or you may want to visit the office for further guidance. The exact address for IESCO office Rawalpindi is “Rashid Minhas Road Marrir Hassan Rawalpindi”.


  1. How To Check Electricity Bills Online?

    There are three different ways to check electricity online. Checking the bill through a reference number, with the customer ID and getting the bill through the SMS. This article has included all of these methods in detail.

  2. Where is IESCO’s Head Office?

    IESCO head office is in Islamabad with the exact address as Islamabad Electricity Supply Company, Sector G-7/4, Street # 40, Islamabad

  3. What is The IESCO Helpline Number?

    The IESCO helpline numbers are: 051-9252937, 9252938, 9252939

  4. How To Pay the IESCO Bill Online?

    You can pay the IESCO bill online with a Jazz cash account. A bank account that gives the facility to pay bills can also be used for bill payment.

  5. How To Get An IESCO Duplicate Bill?

    Go to the IESCO website. Select the “Print Bill” option. Enter the 14 digit reference number. On pressing the enter button you will get the IESCO duplicate bill.

  6. How To Calculate the IESCO Bill?

    visit the IESCO website. Choose the calculate bill option from the links given in the “USEFUL LINKS” box. Select the company as IESCO and get the estimated bill upon entering the necessary information.

  7. How To Check the IESCO Bill is Paid or Not?

    you can check the bill paid status through the bank applications used to pay bills and also with the Jazz Cash application.


The age-old system of paper invoicing is still in use today, and it has caused consumers nothing but frustration. People must put up with physical exertion, which takes up a significant amount of their time. However, the advent of the digital age in Pakistan has altered the online billing system in many ways. Invoices have now been digitized, allowing users to look for and pay them using a variety of web-based invoicing services. However, digitization and automation still have a long way to go to catch up to global trends.

IESCO, or Islamabad Electric Supply Company, is an electric power supplier with a total capacity of 5,224 MVA that provides clean and safe electricity to its 2.8 million customers. Its power directly affects the lives of 25 million people on a national level. It has 108 grid stations that serve six districts, including Islamabad, the capital city. The overall coverage area is divided into four circles: Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Attock. The corporation wants to ensure that all of its customers have access to reliable electricity in order to enable the educational, social, and industrial sectors to thrive. It is dedicated to expanding its horizons and incorporating renewable energy sources.

IESCO is working its level best to make life easier for its consumers. The 22 years old power supply company is now able to digitalize its system and provide the consumers with Online IESCO bill services. Using this online method for viewing the electricity bill it is now a matter of seconds to pay an electricity bill. Online services have minimized the efforts to pay bills. Gone are the times when a consumer has to wait hours in a bank queue to pay the monthly charges for a power supply connection.

From the foundation of the power supply companies in Pakistan, it’s a common practice to get the hard copies of your electricity bills delivered to your door. This is all okay until the bill got lost or misplaced by any of the parties. In case of not getting the copy of the bill, the consumer has to wait for the next month’s bill and has to pay extra charges for late payment. In those scenarios, bill payment becomes a gut testing thing.

Thanks to the technology this is the era where a person can use its smart device to not only view or pay the bills but can get the IESCO bill copy in almost no time. Getting a copy of the bill does not require carrying the hard copy bill everywhere or visiting a far site location. All you need is the fourteen-digit reference number, that is always there on the hard copy of the bill. Upon entering that 14 digit number on the website of IESCO a consumer will be able to view, download and print the bill for the corresponding month. All that is required is a working internet connection and a unique reference number for the meter.

By following the procedure you cannot only get the first copy of the bill but you can also get the IESCO bills duplicate copy at any time if you have lost the internet copy as well. To use the IESCO bill online services it is recommended to note down the 14 digit reference number from a physical copy of the bill delivered at your doorstep by the IESCO mailman. You can opt to save the code in your smartphone memory or write it down in a diary. When you have that code you can get your electricity bill anytime and from anywhere.

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