IESCO Online Bill Check May 2024

IESCO is a phrase for Islamabad Electric Supply Company. This company manages all the assets, operations, and responsibilities of electricity in Islamabad. IESCO was established in 1988 and is the Islamabad Area Electricity Board.

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔


The primary function of this company is to supply and sell electricity to three to two million consumers. This company caters to all the needs of electricity consumers.


Industries play a very important role in improving the economy of any country. In this era of technology, man has developed all the things that are used in his daily life like various tools, machines, etc. Man has prepared all these things. Now they require a force to operate. By using which he operates the tools and machines to obtain the items he needs. Humans create this energy in different ways and convert it into electrical power so that they can use it to fulfill their needs.

It produces this electrical power in many ways like water, wind, sun and nuclear. When hydroelectricity is generated, water is dropped from a height and turbines are installed at the bottom. These turbines rotate rapidly and thus electricity is generated. Light comes from the sun. This is converted into electricity using different methods. When it becomes electricity, it is distributed through wires to many electricity companies in the country.

Like IESCO, MEPCO, etc.

Power distribution

When electricity is generated in the company, it is distributed from the company to the zonal office, then to the district office, then to the tehsil office, and then to the area office. Similarly, the names of the companies in each country are different.

History of IESCO

IESCO Islamabad Electric Supply Company has an interesting history. It was formed in 1981 as the Area Electricity Board AEB Islamabad. Then in 1984 under the Power Sector Ordinance Organization program, it was incorporated in 1998. A separate company name was given. It was registered as an organized company in April 1998 and started its operations in June of the same year.


Now this company IESCO is carrying out the sale and supply of electricity in the area extending from Attock to Jhelum and from the Indus River to the Neelum River in Kashmir. This IESCO has provided electricity in many branches. And then it is sent to the people from there. IESCO ensures a good electricity supply to about 3.2 million people.

What are the areas served by IESCO?

IESCO provides services in several areas which are named in the table below.

Circles and Divisions

Islamabad Circle

  • Islamabad Division 1
  • Islamabad Division 2
  • Barakahu Division

Rawalpindi Circle

  • Rawat Division
  • City Division
  • Cantt Division (Rawalpindi)
  • Satellite Town Division
  • Westridge Division
  • Tariqabad Division

Attock Circle

  • Taxila Division
  • Pindigheb Division
  • Attock Division

Jhelum Circle

  • Jhelum Division 1
  • Jhelum Division 2
  • Gujar Khan Division

Chakwal Circle

  • Chakwal Division
  • Talagang Division
  • Dhudial Division
  • Pind Dadan Khan Division

IESCO users and its purpose

IESCO ensures high-speed electricity supply to the people living in Islamabad and its surrounding districts. The main objective of IESCO is to increase the income of Pakistan and provide high-quality electricity to its consumers. Like many companies in Pakistan that supply electricity. They play an important role in the income of their country. Similarly, IESCO also has a distinct name in the market.

Environment and community well-being

IESCO is committed to providing key principles in development and identifying alternative and sustainable measures to reduce environmental impacts by following these principles. IESCO strives to create and promote an environmentally sound and responsible culture. It also promotes reducing the impact on the environment due to this.

Health protection of personnel

IESCO takes the health of its staff very seriously. This means that the health and well-being of the people working in this company are taken special care. Many programs are organized in IESCO. Through this, the staff can ensure their health and well-being. IESCO not only cares about the health of its working staff. But also helps their family members to lead a healthy life. IESCO strives to improve the financial condition of the staff’s families.

In doing so, IESCO gives equal priority to every individual and upholds the principles of equality.

What is the IESCO Bill?

When we buy anything from someone, that thing goes to us. But in return, some money is taken from us. This is called a bill. The name of the bill is associated with the thing that we take. For example food bill, water bill TV cable bill, etc. Now, if we talk about the electricity bill, many companies have been created in every province of the country to provide electricity to their specific areas.

Iesco bill

Like LESCO and MEPCO etc. Now these companies provide us with electricity. But instead, we have to pay the bill for the amount of electricity we use every month. Now if you get electricity from IESCO then the bill you have to pay is called the IESCO bill. Similarly, bills of other companies are according to their name.

Understanding the IESCO Bill

There are many such important points within the IESCO Bill. This is important to understand.


There are some dates written on the left side of the IESCO bill, which tell you when the meter reading was done, when the IESCO bill was issued, and how long you have paid the IESCO bill. Can

Connection date

Some people do not take their connection but take the connection from someone else for a few days. But after a few, they take their connection. Now when they get the IESCO bill they are told when they got the connection.

Reference number

You all know how important our ID card is for our identity. Some numbers are given on this ID card through which our complete information can be known. Likewise, IESCO provides a specific number on top of the IESCO bill to its customers. By using this you can easily pay the IESCO bill.


Time to get the bill

By the way, the IESCO bill is received on the first or second day after the month begins. But due to different regions, you get IESCO bills on different dates of the month and they are also informed about the last date of payment of IESCO bills.

Taxes contained in the IESCO Bill

FC Surcharge

FC stands for financing cost. This is the cast which is paid to some Power Holder Pvt. First, the unit FC head was charged at 43 paise.

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA)

One point FPA is given in the IESCO Bill which is questioned by many people. You should know that electricity is also generated using oil etc. and the price of this fuel keeps fluctuating. Now FPA is a system in which the bill fee has to be adjusted based on the fluctuation in fuel price.


TR stands for Tariff Realization Surcharge. This is the difference between the rates from NEPRA and the GOP government. If the difference in fixed rates is positive, GPO subsidizes it. But if it is negative, the reverse GOP has to pay and this rate is given by the company.

How to get a new IESCO connection or change the name?

If you live on rent in a city and two houses share the same use. Now you have taken your own separate house in the name of the same owner and want the IESCO bill to come in your name or your own. Want to make a new connection? For this, you should follow the guidelines on the website of IESCO or visit a nearby office to get all the information.

To get the IESCO bill changed in your name you have to apply and after that, the IESCO bill starts in your name. But you also need to have some documents. For example, ID card copy, previous IESCO bill receipt, etc. To get a new IESCO connection you will have to apply and you must have some documents along with it.

Necessary Documents

1. First of all you will tell for which connection you need domestic or industrial etc.

2. Then you will give the NTN number on your ID card.

 3. You will choose a company like IESCO

4. Then they will submit it after giving proof of their identity.

5. If there is more than one owner, generate an NOC and attach a copy of your ID card which is attested.

6. A copy is not mandatory if the connection is only one.

7. After completing the application form and attaching all the documents, submit it to any office where IESCO works.

8. Once the verification is complete, the money will be taken from you.

9. You can deposit this money in any bank.

10. Take a copy from there and submit it to the office.

11. Once the money deposit is confirmed, you will be given a separate connection.

How to Pay IESCO Bill Online

 You can pay IESCO online bills through Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa mobile apps or any bank.

How to Pay IESCO Duplicate Bill

If you don’t want to pay your IESCO bill online, you can pay it through an IESCO duplicate bill. You have a copy after downloading the IESCO Bill from the website of IESCO Bill and after that, you can pay it from any bank or shop.

How does IESCO know the bill?

If you have a copy of the IESCO bill check, you can easily find the IESCO ball. After that, you also get the information on the old IESCO bill.

How to Check IESCO Bill Online

If you want to check your IESCO bill online check then you should go to the IESCO bill website and enter your reference number after clicking on the top side. You will know your IESCO bill online. Also, you can check your IESCO bill after attaching it to the email. You are notified of your bill via email or SMS.

How can IESCO reduce the bill?

If you think that your IESCO bill is high, but you are not using that much electricity. As long as your IESCO bill is running, check your units daily to see how many units are spent each day. Adjust your home appliances accordingly.


You should know that

1. This is an 80-watt fan. He spends a day on four units of electricity.

2. TV uses three units in a day.

3. A 24-watt energy saver uses one to two units in 24 hours.

4. Large appliances like AC 18 units are up in 24 hours.

If you also want to reduce your IESCO bill, run a few devices at a fixed time.

Here are suggestions to reduce the price of the IESCO bill.

1. Close unnecessary things.

2. Instead of using five or six energy savers, use three or four.

3. Minimize the use of AC.

Complaint and Helpline

If you have any problem with the IESCO bill, you can directly go to the IESCO head office and submit your application.

Apart from this, up-direct IESCO-CEO can also write their request through email.

Here is the IESCO helpline number: 051-9252937.

Additional questions (FAQs)

1. Is the IESCO bill easy to get?

Yes, you can download the IESCO bill online. Apart from this, you are also given a duplicate copy separately.

2. Can we attach the IESCO bill to our email?

 Yes, you are also given the option to link the IESCO bill with your email, in which you can check the bill through email by entering your reference number along with your email.

3. Can the IESCO bill be traced with an ID card number?

No, for this you are given a special reference number through which you can track your bill.

4. How to change the name on the IESCO bill?

You have to apply to change your name on the IESCO bill.

5. Can I get the previous month’s bill through the IESCO bill?

 Yes, when you give your IESCO bill reference number, you will get the details of all the monthly bills.


IESCO is the name of a company that ensures the distribution of electricity. It provides electricity to the people of Islamabad and its surrounding areas as well as to the Neelum River. You can download or get a copy of the IESCO bill from any IESCO website. IESCO Bills can be paid online through the Mobile Legit Cash Mobile App or Easy Paisa Mobile App. In case of any complaint, you are given complaint numbers or helpline numbers using which you can register your complaint.