MEPCO Bill Check Online May 2024

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company. It provides electricity to 13 districts of South Punjab. This company gives its users a net metering facility.

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔



Every month we receive an email or copy from this company telling you that you have used so many units and your bill is due. This bill that has to be paid is called the MEPCO bill.

This brief informs you about taxes and units.

Also, if you want to know about your old bills, you can easily check them by going to the history option.

Taxes in the bill are


Fuel price adjustment (FPA)

Tariff resolution (TR)

MEPCO online bill

It is very easy to pay this bill online. Mepco bills can be paid from anywhere through any bank, Jazz Cash, and Easy Paisa mobile apps. In this, you have to use your reference number.

MEPCO online bill check

If you want to check your bill online, you have to go to the MEPCO bill website and write your reference. In this way, you will be able to check your bill through an online check website. Also, if you have your email set up with the company’s website, you will be sent the electricity bill information via email.

When you get a new connection, you have to give your number, and after that, you will be informed about your bill through SMS. Also, after giving your reference number, you will be notified of the number given by the company. It has to be sent by SMS and after that, you will know your bill. You can MEPCO bill check through bill copy.