TESCO Bill Online Check May 2024

TESCO Bill This company provides electricity to its customers and also collects the bill for the units they use every month. The bill that this company gives to its customers also includes several taxes that customers should be aware of. The names of these taxes are TR, FC, and FPA.

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔


Here is Supply Corporation in Tribal Area which is a small electricity supply company. This company is controlled by PEPCO. It was created in August 2004.


  It is an acronym for fuel price adjustment because the price of the fuels used to generate electricity fluctuates and the bills are adjusted accordingly.


The financing cost is called a surcharge. It is an overhead charge added to the bills by each electricity supply company.

TR Surcharge

It stands for Traffic Resolution. It is the head charge that is given to the Private Power Limited companies. You should know that private power companies help in transporting electricity from one place to another and as a result, the government pays them some taxes.

TESCO online bill

We can pay the bill in different ways. TESCO Bill can be paid online through Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, credit cards, and Bank Accounts. Apart from this, you can also pay the TESCO bill through copy.

A 14-digit number is given inside the bill, which is called a reference number, which is used by consumers to pay the bill or trace the bill. Apart from this another 10-digit number is given by the company which is called Customer ID.