FESCO Bill Online Check May 2024

FESCO’s job is to provide electricity to 5.1 million people. It is the abbreviation of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company and this company was formed in 1998.

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔



In return for the amount of electricity we use every month, the company charges us some amount called FESCO bill. This bill has to be paid. Inside this bill, you are given information about many dates and numbers. By understanding which you can benefit a lot. For example, it tells a date when you made the connection and when you have to pay this bill,l, etc.

Also, you are given a 14-digit reference number inside the bill which you can use to trace your bill. You are also given a ten-digit Customer ID by FESCO Company. Within this bill, fuel price adjustments, financing costs,t, etc. tax bills are also included.

FESCO bill online check

In this way, you can easily pay online bills through Jazz Cash Easy Piasa mobile apps and any bank. No extra money is taken from you.

There are several ways to check this bill.

FESCO bill online check through SMS is a facility that every user can avail of. For this, you have to submit your numbers after which the bill information is sent to you through SMS every month.

FESCO online bill check for this you have to go to the FESCO company website then click on the first website after giving your reference number your bill will be known. Within this bill, you are also given some instructions, by following which you can save electricity.

  1. Turn off the extra lights.
  2. Minimize AC usage.

Apart from this, you are also given some numbers within the bill on which you can register complaints or get help from them in case of an emergency.