GEPCO Bill Online Check May 2024

GEPCO is an abbreviation for Gujranwala Electric Power Company. This company provides a high-speed electricity facility to all its Users. But in return, GEPCO receives some money in the form of a GEPCO bill for the amount of electricity used by consumers every month. Above this bill, many things are told to users.

یہاں بل چیک کریں۔


A 14-digit reference number is also given in it which is very important for customers. Taxes are also clearly mentioned in this bill. You can also save money by reading the information.

GEPCO Online Bill

GEPCO introduced an online bill payment facility for its customers through which customers can pay their bills online. GEPCO online bills can be paid through any bank, Jazz Cash, and Easy Paisa mobile app. A reference number is given to pay it.

A few people don’t believe in this online installation, so they pay their bill every month through a copy of the bill, thus they also get a copy as proof through this bill. Old bills are also easily identified.

GEPCO online bill check

You can also check this bill through your duplicate bill copy. You can check your bill online by visiting the company’s website and entering your reference number or customer ID. You can know their bills every month through an email.


For the convenience of their customers, GEPCO provides a number within the bill through which all the fans can register their complaints and also get help if there is any problem.